Walnut Silhouette Nativity

Walnut Silhouette Nativity

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The Nativity Scene Silhouette M has a smart and clean design using high quality materials and the best German craftsmanship. On a semicircular solid wood plate (beech, maple, oak, or walnut) are slots where the 11 lasercut brushed stainless steel figures can be placed. The figures can be set in different notches of the hand-polished wood plate to give the scenery a nice depth effect and an attractive play between light and shadow.

The highlight: After the Christmas season the figures can be stored on the bottom of the solid wood plate and are held in place by magnetic pads. Every piece has its place and nothing gets lost. Now you can use the wood plate to display cards or other items.

Dimensions: 11.8''x 5.9''x 0.78''

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