Nativity Wisemen Figurines

Nativity Wisemen Figurines

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This beautiful Willow Tree wisemen set is perfect on it's own or great paired with the rest of the Willow Tree Nativity figurines. Include these stunning wiseman in your Willow Tree Nativity Collection.

Demdaco Willow Tree hand-carved sculptures speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Susan Lordi identifies emotions so important for us to convey, and renders them in simple, pure gestures. About Demdaco Willow Tree, Susan says, "I try to keep the interpretation of Demdaco Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning."

Message: They followed a star and found the Light of the World - These three wisemen are a beautiful addition to your Willow Tree nativity as they tell the story of the wisemen who came to see the Lord.

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