Why can’t I find some of the Nativities featured on your homepage?

During the Christmas season its typical to sell out of a lot of our stock. If you see a photo of a Nativity in a banner image or elsewhere but can’t find it on the website, it’s most likely because all the inventory has been purchased. Luckily, we restock a lot of our best-selling products, so check back later and we might have it!


Why was part or all of my ordered cancelled?

If you receive an email informing you your order has been cancelled or partially cancelled, it’s because you’ve placed an order with a product that’s been selling out. Because of high demand, products sell-out very quickly. Never fear though! We try to keep close tabs on our products and make sure to keep it updated in real time.


Will you sell Nativities all year round?

Yes! The Nativity Store will be open all year round, but we will have the best sales and the best product inventory during the Christmas season, starting in October.