Which Christmas Nativity is Right for Me?

Which Christmas Nativity is Right for Me?

If you live in a small space…

Gold Glitter Nativity

If you live in a small space but still want to make a big impact with your Christmas decorations and display faith throughout your home, try the Gold Glitter Nativity from The Nativity Store. This bright and unique Christmas nativity glitters and shines. A display of The Holy Family giving thanks for their newborn son will set the tone of humble gratitude and love in your home. 

If you want a traditional nativity…

Greg Olsen Christmas Nativity Set

If you want a traditional Christmas nativity to adorn your home with beautiful reminders of Christ, you will love the Greg Olsen Nativity Set from The Nativity Store. Based on the popular painting, The Nativity, this is a gorgeous Christmas nativity evoking feelings of peace, gratitude, and love. This timeless piece will be a staple in your home for many Christmases to come. 

Nativity Village 

For a traditional Christmas nativity set with a little added whismy, you will love the Nativity Village from The Nativity Store. The fifteen-piece nesting set includes four beautiful buildings that set up a lovely little scene to adorn your home. This nativity set would look great as a centerpiece on a dining table or over the mantel.

If you want something unique…

Jorge Cocco The First Noel Nativity

This nativity set was designed by artist Jorge Cocco and created exclusively for Deseret Book. Hand-painted finishes with a unique and beautiful design, this nativity set is sure to become the centerpiece of your Christmas decor. 

If you need to mail a gift…

Diorama Nativity

For friends and family that may be celebrating in another state or even country this year, you may need to find a way to mail a gift that won’t cost your entire Christmas gift budget to send. For a simple and meaningful gift, take a look at the Diorama Nativity from The Nativity Store. This “pop-up” nativity creates a three dimensional version of Greg Olson’s popular painting. This is a great gift for college students or anyone living in a small space who just need an uplifting decoration to bring a little Christmas spirit home. 

If you want a new family tradition…

The Mismatched Nativity 

The story of the mismatched nativity is one we can all relate to on some level. A young boy who finds himself in a new home and a new church is lonely and homesick and hoping to make new friends. A sunday school teacher notices him and gets his class involved in helping him feel more welcome in this new place. They are all caught up in the Christmas spirit. This beautiful story is available at Deseret Book and the nativity can be found at The Nativity Store. 

Not only is this a sweet story to share with your family, but it is also a perfect new Christmas tradition to teach values of love, generosity, and Christlike kindness. Your kids will love this tradition year after year. 

Nativity Advent Calendar 

Use this cute nativity advent calendar from The Nativity Store with the whole family. Your kids will love putting up a new piece each day as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. Tell a piece of the Christmas story over and over again until December 25th. 

If you need a simple but meaningful Christmas gift…

Mary and Joseph with Donkey 

From the artistry of Jim Shore, this simple but meaningful Christmas nativity depicts Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. A beautiful symbol of love and devotion, this small nativity from The Nativity Store will add a big impact to your Christmas home decor. This is also perfect as a gift that will be cherished for years to come. 

If you’re hosting a family gathering…

Children's Nativity Costumes

No Christmas celebration is complete without a reenacting of The Nativity Story, and The Nativity Store has just the thing to bring your gathering to the next level. Kids will love choosing the costumes and outfits to play their part in the story. With a variety of costumes available, each child can get involved and become a part of the story. Children will create memories for years and come to learn what the true spirit of Christmas is all about. 

Mary Costume

Joseph Costume

Shepherd Costume

Wisemen Costume

Donkey Costume

Sheep Costume

If you’re on a budget…

Arched Grotto Nativity 

For anyone looking for a way to add more Christ into their Christmas decoration and still want budget left over for Christmas gifts, take a look a this beautiful Arched Grotto Nativity from The Nativity Store. This would also be perfect for sending to someone you love who lives in a small space or a traveling missionary. 

If you want an outdoor display…

Nativity Luminaries 

Your family and neighbors will ohh and ahh over the flickering lights emanating from the Nativity Luminaries outside your front door. This magical scene will light up your home and your Christmas spirit. A lovely reminder of the reason for the season, help others remember the true meaning of Christmas with this beautiful 3-piece set from The Nativity Store.  


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