Budget-Friendly Nativity Christmas Gifts

Budget-Friendly Nativity Christmas Gifts

Modern Gold Accent Nativity

Price: $29.99

A simple and beautiful nativity, the Modern Gold Accent Nativity from The Nativity Store is a stunning addition to your decor and will make a great gift for a loved one. The white and gold accents make this piece neutral enough to fit with any style but with enough flair to stand out on its own. Let this Nativity help you reflect on Christ this season. 

Mini Christmas Nativity

Price: $23.99

If you're looking for something festive for your office space or fireplace mantel, this adorable Mini Christmas Nativity from The Nativity Store is perfect for you! Send the message of the Christmas season with the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the wisemen and shepherds and more. This piece will also work as a great gift for those you love. 

O Holy Night Block Nativity 

Price: $9.99

A beautiful reminder of the birth of Christ, Oh Holy Night Block Nativity from The Nativity Store is a small and sweet Nativity piece that will fit in any space. The tribute to the song “Oh Holy Night” will evoke all the best feelings of the Christmas season. 

Holy Family Nativity 

Price: $7.99

A beautiful and traditional nativity from The Nativity Store, The Holy Family Nativity will make a gorgeous addition to your home without putting a dent in your bank account. The simplicity of this piece puts all the focus on the reverent scene and allows you to be reminded of Christ every time you see it. Also great as a gift, the Holy Family Nativity is the perfect addition to anyone’s Christmas decor. 

Diorama Nativity


Celebrate this season with a simple Christmas diorama Nativity from The Nativity Store. This Nativity is foldable, collapsable, made of thick paper and would make the perfect gift for a missionary or someone that travels often and wants to remember the reason for the season. Celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas and get those you love a gift they will enjoy year after year.  

Nativity Magnet Set

Price: $11.99

This fun children's magnet set from The Nativity Store depicts the Nativity scene with cute designs for kids. Play with each figure on any magnetic surface and teach them the story of Christ's birth all year round. This fun set comes in a color gift box. 

3-D Christmas Tree Nativity Ornament

Price: $7.99

This multi-dimensional Nativity ornament from The Nativity Store is simple, yet exquisite in craftsmanship. Imported from the Holy Land, this beautiful hand-carved Christmas tree will make a statement this holiday season. This would also make a perfect, meaningful gift for a friend or neighbor.   

Hanging Star Nativity 

Price: $6.99

This beautiful Hanging Star Nativity would make a great gift for a family member or friend. Help your family remember the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season with this beautiful Nativity from The Nativity Store. 

Joy Resin Nativity

Price: $15.99

Such a sweet piece depicting The Holy Family, this scene from the Nativity Store truly does evoke feelings of joy and gratitude for our Savior. A beautiful and cheerful addition to your Christmas decor or the perfect cute gift for a good friend or loved one, either way this budget-friendly piece is a must have for the season.


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